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Recreational Policy Changes

*effective January 2018*

In an effort to streamline our billing system, all of our programs are now on a "Monthly" tuition schedule. Billing policies will be as follows:

Recreational Membership Fees:  In order to participate in classes at Everest Gymnastics, participants must be registered members of Everest Gymnastics Training Center.  All recreational members are required to pay an annual registration fee of $60.00 for a single participant, and $95 for a family membership.  This fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.  We require the Registration Fee as well as the first month’s tuition to be paid at the time of enrollment

Recreational Classes: Our programs are on a “Monthly” billing cycle and will run from the end of August through the first week of June. You will have the option to continue classes during the summer schedule or you may break for the summer, but your placement/class of your choice will not be guaranteed for fall.

Since holiday closure weeks (Thanksgiving & Christmas) are built into our School Year schedule, we will not provide make up classes for these weeks and full tuition will be due for each month (August-June), averaging 4 classes per month.

Please keep in mind this billing method takes into consideration the months that have an extra week. Those extra weeks have replaced the holiday weeks we are closed so that billing is kept consistent. We offer this as a convenience to our families in place of paying for the full season up front.

Tuition Fees: All members must have a credit or debit card on file for automatic payments

Tuition is paid in advance and will be posted on the 15th of the month and will be charged to the card on file on the 25th of the month prior to classes.

For Example:

"February's tuition will be posted on January 15th.  Payments may be made via cash or check at the front desk (or processed online by a different card) between the 15th and the 24th of January.  Any account balances remaining on January 25th will be charged to the card on file." 

If, for any reason, the card is declined and payment is not received by the first of the month, students will be dropped from their classes and we will call any waitlisted students to offer them the open spot, if applicable.

Late Fees: For any payments received after the 25th of the month, a late fee in the amount of $15.00 will be applied to your account. All late fees, declined card fees, or non-sufficient funds fees along with tuition will be required to be paid prior to participation for the following month.

Returned Checks:  All Returned Checks will be subject to a $35.00 fee.

Declined Credit Cards: All declined credit cards will be subject to a $10.00 fee.

Refund Policy: No refunds will be given. For injuries, we will put a 1 month hold on your account with a signed Doctor’s note. Please fill out our online Tuition Adjustment Request Form.

Dropping Classes:  We require a 30 day written notice for withdrawal from our programs.  Please be sure to notify the front office, in writing, if you plan to discontinue class.  You are responsible for all tuition charged to your account through this 30 day notice.  Once your child has dropped from a class, we may fill that space with a child from the wait list.  We cannot “hold” a space in a class without tuition payment.

Missed Classes: Recreational classes are charged at an annual tuition rate that is broken into monthly payments for your convenience.  We do not charge extra for months with more than 4 classes and we do not prorate tuition for months with less than 4 classes due to scheduled closings (Holidays, etc.).  In the event that Everest must cancel a class due to weather or special events, we will offer a scheduled make-up day and notify participants via email of the day and time of the make-up class.

Make-Up Classes: Please make every effort to bring your child to their regularly scheduled class.  If your child must miss class due to illness or injury, we do allow a maximum of 1 make up class per month, subject to availability in a similar-level class through the week. In order to maintain our student-teacher ratios, we do not guarantee availability of make-up classes and all make-up classes must be scheduled through in advance through the front desk.  There will be no refunds or proration for missed classes.

Skills and Level Advancement: Skills and updates can be viewed online through your Parent Portal.  Coaches will periodically test and mark the skills once they have been updated or acquired. Once all core skills have been attained, the student is eligible to advance to the next level upon instructor promotion. 

End of Year Performance (Everest Showcase!): At the completion of the season, we will hold an end of the year performance for all recreational gymnasts.  All students will be automatically enrolled into the showcase. There will be a fee to participate which will include the required performance attire (leotard, etc.). All performance fees will be posted in January and will be drafted on February 25th with March tuition. You will be able to make pre-payment installments if requested beforehand.