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2020-2021 Everest Gymnastics -- Cornelius

Registration & Schedule Information

**Please take the time to read our Recreational Policies**

Registration & Monthly Fees

Non-Refundable Annual Registration Fee:

  • $60.00/Individual
  • $95.00/Family
Class Length Monthly Class Fee
45 Minute Class

$75.00 /month

1 Hour Class $88.00 /month
1.5 Hour Class $115.00 /month
2 Hour Class $138.00 /month


Multiple Children Discounts:

  • 10% Discount - 2nd child 
  • 20% Discount - 3rd child or for any additional children

Multi-Class Discounts:

  • 10% Discount - 2nd class
  • 20% Discount - 3rd class or for any additional classes

***Questions regarding recreation gymnastics classes contact:

Billing Info

Our recreational programs run on a “Monthly” billing cycle and will run from August 10, 2020 through June 5, 2021. You will have the option to register for classes during the summer schedule or you may break for the summer, but your placement/class of your choice will not be guaranteed for fall.

Please make note of the following scheduled closures for our recreational program:
November 25 - 28, 2020 (Thanksgiving Break)
December 21, 2020- Jan 2, 2021 (Winter Break)
May 31, 2021 (Memorial Day)
TBD (Showcase)

Since closures are built into our 2020-2021 School Year schedule, we will not provide make up classes for these weeks and full tuition will be due for each month (Sept-May), averaging 4 classes per month.  We will prorate August tuition due to the mid-month beginning of our session.

Please keep in mind this billing method takes into consideration the months that have an extra week. Those extra weeks have replaced the holiday weeks we are closed so that billing is kept consistent. We offer this as a convenience to our families in place of paying for the full season up front.

Everest Gymnastics 2020-2021 Recreational Schedule

Current Families: Please login to your PARENT PORTAL

Joey's (Parent & Me Class) ages 2-3

45 Minute Class: This program is designed as a Parent & Me Class with children ages 2 - 3 years old.  Our Joey's have the opportunity to experience all of the fun that gymnastics has to offer with parental assistance!  

This class will most likely be the first movement based class your child has attended along with other children.  Developing social, cooperative, & listening skills are a focus along side of large motor skills for this age group.

We include instruction on the balance beam, tumble track, trampoline, bars, parachute and floor!  Children are taught the names of basic gymnastics skills that they can build upon in later classes.

Our preschool sized equipment is just right for little bodies!

Poppers (ages 3.5-5)

45 Minute Class: This class is designed for children ages 3 - 4 years old, who are ready to enjoy a class without the assistance of a parent.  Our Popper's will continue to develop and build upon the same skills as in our Joey's class.  

Our Poppers will love balancing, tumbling, jumping and strengthening those little muscles on our preschool sized equipment!

Gym/Dance Preschool Combo (Ages 3.5-5)

1 Hour Class: This class is designed for 3.5-5 year olds and will spend 10 minutes warming up and then split into 25 minutes of a creative movement dance class and 25 minutes of preschool gymnastics class.

This class is perfect for those little ones that love both dance and gymnastics and just can't decide between the two!

Girls - REC 1 (ages 5+)

This is a 1-hour class that is an introductory gymnastics class for athletes ages 5 and up.  There is no prior gymnastics experience required and is for the beginner or brand-new gymnast. Gymnasts will begin with a warm-up activity and stretching.  This will teach them the importance of flexibility and warm-up before being active. 

During this class, students will be introduced to all four main gymnastics apparatuses: bars, beam, floor, and vault. 

Students will work on the following skills in our Rec 1 class:
Floor: Forward and backward rolls with the aid of mats, cartwheel drills, handstand preparation, etc.
Bars: Pullovers with the aid of mats and/or spotting, beginner casting, front support, etc.
Vault: How to hit the springboard for vault, forward rolls and handstand preparation
Balance Beam: walks (forward, backward sideways), releve holds, passe and coupe position, basic inversion drills and gaining confidence on the balance beam.

Girls - REC 2 (ages 5+)

This is a 1-hour class for gymnasts ages 5 and up who have either completed their Rec 1 skills or have had previous beginner gymnastics experience.  Gymnasts will begin by warming up and stretching.  Gymnasts will build on the basics skills learned in Rec 1 and take it a step further. 

PreRequisite Skills:

  • Forward and backward rolls down a wedge mat
  • Cartwheel over panel mat
  • Bridge (with straight arms)


  • Chin Hold - 3 seconds
  • Front support - 10 seconds
  • Walk up wall to pull over
  • Forward roll dismount


  • Comfortable walking across beam
  • Releve balance - 10 seconds
  • Terminology (Releve, Passe, Crown Arms, "Toe-Ball-Heel")


  • Straight Run
  • Squat on (to blue block) - Jump off
  • Straight Jump onto raised matting  

Girls - REC 3 (ages 5+)

This is a 1-hour class for gymnasts ages 5 and up who have had at least a year of previous gymnastics experience or completed their Rec 2 skills and have mastered the basics skills.  

PreRequisite Skills:

  • Forward and backward rolls (proper form - on flat surface)
  • Star Cartwheel
  • Split handstand
  • Bridge Kick-over from elevated surface


  • Chin Hold (10 Seconds)
  • Pull Over from block
  • Casts (5 in a row)


  • Comfortable walking Forward, Backward and sideways in Releve
  • Pivot Turn
  • Straight Jump
  • Terminology (Lunge, "T", Releve, Passe, etc)


  • Hopping on both feet
  • Assemble
  • Straddle on to block
  • Straight jump vault to minimum of 16" Matting

Girls - REC 4 (ages 6+)  |  INVITE ONLY - PLEASE CALL

This is a 1.5-hour class for gymnasts ages 5 and up who have mastered their introductory skills or completed their Rec 3 skills.  This class is by invitation only.

PreRequisite Skills:

  • Forward Roll to Straddle Stand
  • Backward Roll to Pike Stand
  • Handstand
  • Cartwheel
  • Back Bend - Kick Over


  • Chin Ups (5) with feet on a block
  • Pull Over from the floor
  • Cast (10 in a row)
  • Inverted Hold (Candlestick) - 5 seconds


  • Passe Holds on Right and Left Leg
  • Connected Straight jumps (2)
  • Lever
  • Side Handstand dismount from knee


  • Straight jump vault to minimum of 16" matting (with proper arm circle action)
  • Arm Circle - Kick to Handstand

Girls - REC 5 (ages 7+)  |  INVITE ONLY - PLEASE CALL

This is a 2-hour class that is for the advanced recreational gymnast ages 7 and up.  This class is by invitation only.

PreRequisite Skills:

  • Handstand - Forward roll onto mat
  • Straight arm backward roll to push up position (off of a mat)
  • Power Hurdle
  • Cartwheel step in
  • Handstand - Bridge
  • Back Walkover


  • Chin ups (10) with feet on block
  • Pull Over (with feet together)
  • Cast - Back Hip Circle
  • Straddle Swings - to sole circle dismount


  • Heel snap turn (Half turn on 1 foot)
  • Tuck Jump
  • Split Leg Handstand
  • Side Handstand dismount on low beam


  • Straight Jump vault to minimum of 32" matting (with proper arm circle action)
  • Kick to handstand - fall to flat back position.

Boys Level 1 (ages 5+)

This is a 1 hour class. This class is designed for gymnasts ages 5 and up, to build upon our Joeys and Poppers classes.  Boys in this class will learn the fundamental building blocks to perform movements such as cartwheels, forward & backward roll skills, front support on the bars and basic swing & hold skills on the rings. 

Boys Level 2 (ages 5+)

1 Hour Class: For ages 5 and up. Our invite class will continue to reinforce those skills learned in prior class while introducing advanced skills and simple routines.

Examples of skills that we will won this class are: circles on mushroom, dismounts on P-bars and rings, back hip circles on bars, round offs and back handspring drills on floor

Good body position and form are a big focus in this class.

Trampoline & Tumbling (ages 5+)

1 Hour Class: For ages 5 and up. Our T&T class is designed for beginner level skills in tumbling.  

Students in this class are introduced to our tumbling and trampoline basic skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, straddle rolls, cartwheels, handstands, round off and basic strength and core skills.  

Children will also learn jumps in various positions (straight, tuck, straddle, half turns, full turns) on the trampoline and double mini as well as seat-drops and doggy drops on the trampoline.


1.5 Hour Class: For ages 7 and up. This is an invite-only class that serves as an option for our intermediate level T&T students.

Students in this class will build upon the basic skills learned in our T&T class and will continue to improve upon those.  They will also add in back handspring drills and begin to work on front tucks as they continue to build strength to perform more difficult skills.  

Children will also add front tucks and mounter jumps on the double mini and front drops, back drops and front tucks on the trampoline.

Students at this level will be able to choose whether they would like attend one or two classes per week.


2 Hour Class (Twice Per Week): For ages 5 and up. This is an invite-only class that serves as an option for our more advanced T&T students. 

Students in this class will build upon the basic skills learned in our Beginner and Intermediate T&T classes and will continue to improve upon those.  They will also begin to work on multiple back handsprings in a series, front and back tucks, twisting, etc., depending on their individual readiness.

Tumbling I (ages 5+)

1 Hour Class: For ages 5 and up. This class is designed to introduce the basic fundamentals of tumbling.  Students in this class will work on progression movements such as forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and round-offs.   Our tumbling classes are designed to enhance flexibility, strength, and body awareness by perfecting these skills throughout the levels.

Tumbling II (ages 7+)

1 Hour Class: This class is designed for students who have mastered Tumbling I and are ready for more advanced movements such as round-off rebound and back handspring with spotting. Instructors focus on proper technique throughout all of our levels for safety and correct form.  Dive rolls, walkovers, and multiple step cartwheels, hurdles and a two-step entry round-off are just a few of the skills the students will work towards perfecting. 

Tumbling III ( ages 7+)

1.5 Hour Class: Students in this class must have a round off - back handspring and a standing back handspring on the floor exercise (not the tumbl trak) independently in order to enroll into this class.

They will also work on back tucks, layouts and twisting depending on their individual skill readiness.   Strength and flexibility are a continuous focus throughout tumbling.

Students in this level will have had to master Tumbling I and Tumbling II skills prior to enrollment.